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What’s Ahead in 2024: Trends We See in Higher Education

In this webinar, college and university leaders will join Hanover’s higher education advisors to discuss what we can expect in the coming year, including data from Hanover’s newly released 2024 Higher Education Trends Report and the personal experiences of our participants.
Hanover will kick-off the conversation by presenting findings from our 2024 Higher Education Trends Report before turning the conversation over to expert panelists who will provide their thoughts on what they see in store for 2024, specifically focusing on the trend of refining strategic student support planning to improve retention.


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Total Runtime: 58:03

Speakers include:

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Key Takeaways

Demonstrating the return on investment of a college education is imperative as “non-consumerism” has emerged as one of higher ed's main competitors

Financial barriers remain top of mind for both first time and returning students

AI can refine and improve processes; however many colleges are stepping cautiously into the use of AI tools to avoid a digital overload

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