Advisory Services

Empowering districts to achieve meaningful systemic improvements through a flexible approach customized for your unique needs and priorities

Consultation tailored to support district priorities

Districts remain focused on prioritizing systematic continuous improvement to optimize student achievement and success. However, this is a time consuming process that demands attention at each stage. To address priorities effectively, districts can benefit from customized assistance and direction at each phase.

Hanover’s Advisory Services is a premium offering that offers personalized consultative support at the district and school level. You will have a dedicated team of K12 advisors who will apply their expertise to evaluating and building your team’s capacity to solve the district’s most pressing challenges.

Common district priorities addressed with Advisory Services

Tap into the benefits of Hanover’s Advisory Services

Customized Plan

Each district has its own distinct characteristics, and
this extends to their needs for systemic continuous improvement. Our workshops and consultations are tailored to meet the unique priorities of your district, covering topics that enable participants to focus on their specific learning needs.

Access to Expertise

You will have access to a dedicated Hanover team,
possessing a wide range of expertise in crucial priority areas such as strategic plan development, capacity building, and equity
and inclusion.

Data-Backed Insights

We not only support you in addressing your improvement objectives, but we also ensure they are grounded in rigorous research and you are equipped with the necessary insights to yield impactful and effective results.

Onsite Support

Our advisory team is equipped to facilitate impactful workshops, classroom observations, and consultations to guarantee continuous learning. Hanover will provide the essential tools and resources needed for comprehensive, system-wide implementation.

System-Wide Lens

We work across every department in your district to bring a big picture lens to your systemic continuous improvement efforts.


Our workshops and facilitated consultations provide participants with an active learning experience and opportunities for reflection and collaboration at each stage of the process.

Custom Research (Optional)

Our partnership offers you a committed research team and a custom research strategy designed to provide practical insights and comprehensive analyses.

Whatever your goals, Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs

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