Advisory Services

A comprehensive package of research, implementation support, and planning tools to improve student outcomes and measure success.

Personalized Consultation to Support District Priorities

When districts partner with Hanover Research, they benefit from personalized implementation support on high-stakes priorities. The core of the relationship is Hanover Advisory Services, a premium membership offering that combines custom research, on-site workshops, and post-workshop consultation sessions.

Hanover Advisory Services equip districts with the research, implementation, and planning tools needed to make improvements, get stakeholder buy-in, and measure outcomes.

Client Spotlight

“We engaged Hanover Advisory Services for a Program Evaluation Workshop. The Hanover Research team was outstanding — their instructional strategies were great examples of what adult learning should look like. This workshop really took the guesswork out of program evaluation and our entire team has a clearer, common understanding of how to measure the effectiveness of our programs. There were millions of dollars in programs represented by the participants in this workshop. Knowing what we know now about how to evaluate these programs, we will be able to ensure our programs are effective.”

Amy Spargo

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Matanuska-Sustina Borough School District

Hanover Advisory Services Workshops Address Critical Priority Areas

Program Evaluation

Develop a framework for developing academic programs.

Hanover Research experts help districts understand the different types of program evaluations, learn how to prioritize and select programs for evaluation, and make informed decisions about program effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

Create a roadmap for the future.

Hanover Research guides districts in creating or updating their strategic plan. We help develop concrete goals and metrics, build stakeholder support, and establish and measure KPIs.


Maximize all students’ outcomes.

Hanover Research assists districts in creating an equity plan that enables equitable instructional strategies and improves discipline and grading policies.

How It Works

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Select the workshop topic most critical to your district.
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Be paired with a Hanover Research advisor who runs a diagnostic and conducts custom research to gather data about your district in the selected priority area.
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Hanover Research advisors host a workshop to review the findings.
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A capstone or framework is created that synthesizes the findings from the diagnostic and workshop, and then outlines an implementation plan.
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Hanover Research experts guide you through the implementation process, providing consultation and implementation support along the way.

Tap Into the Benefits of Hanover Advisory Services


Research and workshops are led by former practitioners who are experts in the K-12 education field.


Onsite workshops and consultation sessions provide participants with an active learning experience.


Each workshop is catered to a district’s unique priorities and learning needs.


Purposeful follow-up sessions ensure learning is sustained and support system-wide implementation.

Take the next step toward improving student outcomes and measuring success.

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