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Agua Fria Union High School District Tracks Graduate Outcomes with Turn-key Database

The Challenge: Understand Districtwide Graduation Outcomes

After experiencing significant growth and opening two new high schools, Agua Fria Union High School District needed a way to collect data and analyze the impact of district actions and outcomes. With a vision statement of “All students college and career ready,” it was particularly important for the district to understand graduate outcomes, yet there was no system to track high school student plans after graduation.

The Solution: Develop a Process for Tracking Students

Acknowledging the district’s need for research-based practices, Superintendent Dr. Dennis Runyan recognized that Hanover Research could help. Hanover designed and implemented a survey for graduating students that could be administered each spring. The survey results fed into a turn-key database created by Hanover’s research team to track whether students matriculated into higher education or transitioned directly into the workforce. Now this information is automatically tracked each year, and administrators can access the data in real time, with an ability to quickly spot trends or changes over time.

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The Outcome: A Turnkey Annual Process to Track Trends

During his 11-year tenure in the district, Dr. Runyan has relied on Hanover Research many times to obtain a host of research resources that otherwise would not have been available to the district. From accessing Hanover’s extensive research library, to gleaning insights from meta-analysis reports, to developing custom data collection remedies, Hanover’s services extend Agua Fria Union High School District’s internal capacity. As the district grows, so too does their ability to keep pace with evolving data needs, through a partnership with Hanover.

“When you’re dealing with difficult issues as a superintendent, Hanover is very helpful in drawing together expertise and resources around that challenge.”

— Dr. Dennis Runyan, Superintendent, Aqua Fria Union High School District
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