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Kristina Prudence

Education: B.A., Mathematics / B.A., Economics, Washington and Jefferson College; M.A., Economics, George Mason University
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Areas of Expertise: Corporate market research, Survey research

Kristina Prudence is an experienced market researcher, specializing in advanced survey research methodologies. She loves to provide support to clients by taking complex methods and presenting them in a way that makes them more accessible and easy to understand. She has a proven track record of uncovering meaningful, actionable insights for brands spanning industry, audience, and research objective.

“Interpreting quantitative data can be difficult and overwhelming for many. I strive to simplify the research process for clients by asking them to define their key business needs and take it from there. Once I know the question my client is trying to answer, I can develop a plan that will most effectively answer their question and provide the data they need to make business decisions.”
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